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Axoni is a New York-based technology firm that specializes in blockchain infrastructure whose clients include many of the world’s largest financial institutions and capital markets infrastructure companies. Founded in 2013 by a team of distributed ledger technology experts, the company offers blockchain infrastructure, distributed application development, and workflow automation tools. Axoni fosters a collaborative, high-energy environment filled with individuals who want to proactively solve complex problems and deliver valuable solutions to clients. If you are interested in solving the most advanced problems in the application of blockchain technology to financial services or working on exciting technologies and engaging with the open source community, please check out our website for information on career opportunities.


Axoni provides secure, multiparty infrastructure to automate synchronization of information and processes across entire markets.


Axoni’s platform serves as the underlying framework to integrate with enterprise systems and includes AxCore, our distributed ledger technology, to seamlessly share and synchronize data between institutions.


We implement standardized data formats to represent trades, reference information, and identities, employing and contributing to open frameworks wherever possible.


By leveraging our infrastructure and data standards, vendors can access entire markets and end users can access a wide range of vendors, all through a single integration.


Axoni networks can be accessed through our secure hosted environments for the fastest and easiest onboarding, or through local deployments of Axoni software for deep integrations with local infrastructure.



Data is shared with only the relevant counterparties for a given transaction


Proven at the scale of FX markets


Counterparties are always synchronized on data and events


Limited read or write access can be granted to permissioned third parties


Fully automated lifecycle event management and inherent auditability


Installation packages, APIs, graphical interfaces, and documentation


Designed for large-scale systems, offering dynamic implementation options


Ability to provide read-only access to regulatory entities


Axoni was founded in 2013 with the goal of overhauling global capital markets infrastructure. That vision has become a reality through intensive technology development and deep collaboration with the world’s leading financial institutions.


Chief Executive Officer

Greg is a repeat entrepreneur and drives Axoni’s strategic execution. He previously co-founded TradeBlock and worked as a fixed income analyst at Citigroup. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University where he studied finance.

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff oversees all technology at Axoni. He previously co-founded TradeBlock and worked as the Engineering Lead in Raytheon’s strategy group. Jeff holds a master’s degree in engineering from Cornell University.

Chief Operating Officer

Steve oversees all finance and operations at Axoni. Prior to Axoni, Steve co-founded and led the operations teams at Smarsh. He was also the COO and CRO at a number of other high-growth SaaS startups, including: Kindling, Cue Connect, and Launchsource. Steve’s most recent role was as COO at Burrow.

Senior Vice President, Solutions

Ishan leads Axoni’s client engagements. Before Axoni, he was the Head of Accounts & Research at TradeBlock, and worked in Capital Markets Origination and High Yield Trading for Citigroup, where he was also a founding member of their High Yield Research desk. Ishan has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics from Colby College.


Board Member

Joe is an independent member of Axoni’s board. He has also been a board member of CBOE since their acquisition of BATS Global Markets, where he served as the CEO and Chairman. In addition to his executive experience, Joe also brings deep technical expertise, drawing from his background as a software engineer.

Board Member

Tom is Managing Director, Head of Market Structure & Electronic Trading Services, and Head of Strategic Investments for Wells Fargo Securities. Prior to Wells Fargo, Tom was the Global Head of Transaction Services at NYFIX, EVP of the Boston Stock Exchange/President of the Boston Equities Exchange, and a 13-year veteran of Citigroup’s Investment Banking unit.

Board Observer

Will has been investing in financial technology, services and information solutions since 2000 and serves as an Advisory Director at Charlesbank Capital Partners. Previously, he was at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, served as the Global Head of Principal Investments for Citadel, and was the Global Head of Business Development for Merrill Lynch.


  • Launching Social Media Accounts
  • Airdrop
  • Community Private Sale
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Public Sale
  • Launch Axoni Token
  • Create Token Network Ethereum,Binance Smart Chain,Polygon,Solana,& Ergo Network
  • CoinmarketCap,Coingecko,Binance,ErgoDex,Raydium,PancakeSwap,SushiSwap Listing.
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Launch Metaverse
  • Launch Exchange
  • Launch Marketplace NFT
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Launch Mobile App Version (IOS & Android)
  • AMA Tour
  • Update All Project
  • Marketing Campaign

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Axoni provides secure, multiparty infrastructure to automate synchronization of information and processes across entire markets.

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Axoni Network

Axoni Network

Axoni provides secure, multiparty infrastructure to automate synchronization of information and processes across entire markets.

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